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A conversion rate optimization audit uses experience and data-driven heuristic analysis to help you uncover issues that are holding you back from achieving higher conversion rates and generating more sales.

Stop filling a leaky bucket

Imagine carrying a bucket full of water home. The bucket has dozens of little holes at the bottom, which makes the water leak out of it as you walk home.

Does it make sense to try to fill the bucket up with water again before patching up the holes? Not really.

The same is true for your online store’s conversion funnel. You shouldn’t focus on driving more visitors before fixing issues that are causing them to leave your website without making a purchase.

leaky funnel
Heuristic analysis

Uncover UX issues through heuristic analysis

A heuristic analysis relies on established heuristics and usability principles to systematically analyze your website’s usability.

During heuristic analysis,  I look at all the crucial parts of your website in order to uncover usability problems that are holding you back from converting more visitors into customers.

Nail down your messaging with homepage copy testing

Your team knows your products and brand inside out, so they’re not the right people to ask if your homepage copy resonates or not.

Copy testing involves asking real shoppers what they think about your homepage.

All the users involved in the test are people who fit your target audience. This ensures you’re getting feedback from shoppers who are actually interested in buying your products.

homepage copytesting

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a/b testing roadmap

Structure your A/B testing process with a roadmap

An A/B testing roadmap helps you prioritize A/B testing experiments and enables you to have an organized approach to testing.

When creating a roadmap for A/B testing, I identify high-value experiments and then rank them based on potential impact and the overall difficulty of implementation. 

The result is an A/B testing schedule that’s designed to help you increase your website’s conversion rate in the fastest way possible.

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