Copy testing involves showing your website’s copy to users who fit your target audience and having them rate its effectiveness. It’s crucial for understanding how well your website copy resonates with visitors.

Why copy testing is important

Copy testing can help you understand:

  • If your offer is actually compelling (before you spend money on advertising it)
  • Which features and benefits of your products appeal to your audience the most
  • If visitors have any common questions your copy doesn’t answer
  • If there is anything off-putting in your messaging
  • Whether visitors actually understand your value proposition

A copy test will uncover any blind spots in your website copy and help you address them.

What does copy testing include?

When performing a copy test, I will gather an audience of 20 testers that fit your target audience. The testers will look at your website copy and analyze it one section at a time. They will highlight areas of your website, noting anything they don’t understand, like, or agree with.

I will collect and analyze all the tester feedback and create a report that explains issues with your website copy and includes recommendations on how to address them.

Armed with insights from the report, you’ll be able to adapt your website copy to align with your audience’s expectations and needs. This, in turn, will help you have an easier time converting visitors into customers.

Copy testing is just a piece of the puzzle

Homepage copy testing is just one step in the conversion rate optimization process. My CRO audit service also includes:

  • A Google Analytics audit
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Usability testing
  • Website surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • A/B testing

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