How I Edit Content


When editing content, I start by examining if the content gets its main point across clearly. I study the main supporting points and check if they are accurate and convincing.

If necessary, I will reorganize the content. After improving the structure of the piece, I check all claims and make sure they are supported by relevant links and research.

I will cut out irrelevant or repetitive information and add information that the readers might need to understand the content better.

I will make sure the content has an introduction that is designed to get people interested in the content, as well as a clear conclusion that recaps what is explained in the piece.

The next step is to focus on style. I will rewrite all sentences that end in prepositions, use the passive voice, contain grammar expletives, weak verbs, weak adjectives, and colloquialisms.

I will make sure that the piece is consistent in formality. I will proofread the content and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. For this step, I always use Grammarly Premium to make sure I do not miss any errors.

Finally, I will format the content properly. This includes using proper headings and subheadings, numbering lists, bolding important parts or phrases, fixing paragraph length, and adding and captioning images.