Usability testing aims to evaluate your website’s functionality and design by observing how real users interact with your website. Since the users aren’t familiar with your website, they’re more likely to identify issues that your team might be blind to due to familiarity.

Why you need to do usability testing

Usability testing can reveal areas on your website that cause friction, confusion, or distraction. You’ll then be able to address these issues and improve your website’s conversion rate.

By performing this type of testing, you’ll find out:

  • Whether users understand how your website works
  • If they’re able to complete a purchase without any issues
  • Whether they experience any bugs or other problems that stop them from making a purchase

This information will help to inform your A/B testing process and allow you to design better experiments.

What does usability testing include?

When performing a usability test, I gather an audience of real users that align with your target audience. The users are shown your website and asked to complete a series of tasks, such as:

  • Creating an account
  • Finding specific products
  • Adding products to their cart
  • Going through the checkout process

They are instructed to comment on their thought process and state what they see while completing the tasks. This helps us get a better understanding of how users perceive your website.

After completing all the testing sessions, I will create a report that outlines findings and issues, and provides recommendations on how to address them.

Usability testing is just a piece of the puzzle

Usability testing just one step in the conversion rate optimization process. My conversion rate optimization service also includes:

  • A Google Analytics audit
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Copy testing
  • Website surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • A/B testing

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