Website survey

Website survey

A website survey  is designed to give you more information about your visitors’ experience with your website. You can then use this information to make changes that will help improve your conversion rate.

Why you should use a website survey

A website survey will help you identify sources of friction in the customer journey.

Unlike customer surveys, a website survey allows you to also target visitors who’ve never bought from you before. This, in turn, enables you to find out what’s stopping these visitors from making a purchase.

A website survey can help you:

  • Find out if there’s a demand for a specific type of product that you don’t offer already
  • Learn more about visitors to better define your customer personas
  • Identify usability and user experience issues
  • Gain a better understanding of why visitors abandon their carts
  • Learn more about shoppers’ needs

How I do website surveys

The survey I implement on your website will be designed to be minimally invasive and to not disrupt the shopping experience. Visitors will be asked a series of questions about their experience using your website.

These will include a mix of open-ended and close-ended questions asking visitors to:

  • Rate their experience using your website
  • Note if there is any additional information they need to make a purchase
  • State whether there’s anything stopping them from buying from your website

After gathering an adequate amount of feedback, I will create a report that outlines common issues mentioned by visitors and includes recommendations on how to address them to improve your conversion rate.

A website survey is just a piece of the puzzle

Implementing a website survey is just one step in the process of increasing your website’s conversion rate. My conversion rate optimization service also includes:

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Competitive research
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Usability testing
  • Copy testing

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