Content Marketing Consultant for B2B SaaS
I help B2B SaaS companies drive growth through strategic, product-led content marketing.
Helping B2B SaaS companies grow since 2012
With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, I've helped dozens of SaaS brands grow through strategic, product-led content marketing.

My clients include companies like Semrush,, and Hubstaff.
A few of my happy clients
Some of my results
  • 127% more organic traffic
    By targeting high-impact keywords with expert content optimized for search engines.
  • 58% more signups
    Through a combination of conversion-focused and product-led content.
  • 140% more email opt-ins
    By optimizing the website for conversions using data from user research and analytics.
  • $1M+ in added annual revenue
    With the help of a product-led content strategy and effective lead nurturing automation.
What I can help with
Content strategy
I can create an effective, product-led content strategy that will help you generate leads, signups, or demo bookings consistently.
Content writing
I write blog posts, ebooks, case studies, reports, white papers, and more.
SEO & Link building
I can optimize your content for search engines and build high-quality links that will get your content to the top of search results.
Fractional content management
You can also hire me as your fractional Head of Content to help you drive growth through content marketing at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.
What my clients say
  • Courtney Cavey
    Marketing Lead at
    Content and SEO were by far our top-performing channels, bringing in thousands of SaaS customers per year, attributing to millions in ARR added each year. Boris was a key driver and contributor here.
  • Ruth Even Haim
    Co-founder at Reconvert
    “Boris is a very professional and talented content manager. With Boris I didn't have to worry about the work getting done — it was always done on time, and he made sure to keep me updated regularly.”
  • Justin McGill
    Founder of LeadFuze
    “Boris did a great job for us. Content is well researched and in-depth. Follows best practices from an SEO perspective as well.”

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